As I’ve been getting busier, I’ve been blogging less due to time, and it occurred to me that I’ve not really promoted any of my recent composition work to anyone that’s interested, so here are four of my recent favourites…

Doing the 70s detective style music and sound effects for this video for the Littergram app was one of the most fun jobs I’ve worked on, and I’m really proud of the result.  The animation was by Mair Perkins Ltd, and it was one of those jobs where I was encouraged to just do what I liked, without boundaries (I do enjoy those!), and I also feel strongly about the cause of Litter in Britain.

I worked closely with Reels In Motion to provide a custom soundtrack to this video for Aspire.  The brief was to provide something inspiring, something that starts really quiet and ends up huge.  I admit that it took a few drafts, but Reels always coax great music out of me with their feedback, so it ended up superb.

Going back to Mair Perkins, I usually get to explore genres I don;t usually work on for her annual promotional videos – on this one, there is a large African influence.

And finally, I created this lovely ambient soundscape for this inspiring Autins Group video.

Time permitting, I hope to actually get a few more blogs out this year to explain the process behind doing composition work…

Published: 24 February 20179:25amNo Comments

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