“Ben is the most intuitive producer I have ever worked with. His ability to anticipate my preferences and reactions makes producing my music such an enjoyable process. He seeks to really know the writer and the story behind each song. His ability to capture the mood and style of the song are incredible. His sound is timeless and incredibly fresh at the same time. His work reminds me every day of why I got into this business.”
Allison Gray

“As a professional singer/songwriter, I began to venture into producing my own tracks, with varying degrees of success! My tracks lacked that magic touch and I could never put my finger on what that missing element was. In walks Ben Haynes.  He saw the potential in my songs and was an absolute dream to work with. His strength is getting inside the head of the artist to understand their sound, style and message.”
Karl William Lund

“I recently worked with Ben on my album. I came to him with a bunch of ideas and sketchy songs and he helped me develop and produce both my lyrics and music. His ideas were always offered and never forced and were always right on the mark. On a professional level, Ben was fantastic and on an unprofessional level, we had a right laugh too! Ben created a great atmosphere to work in and the finished result was of a higher level than any London studio!”
Kezia Gill

“When looking for a producer for my second album ATLAS I spent a long time considering my options and having listened to another album Ben had produced it was pretty much decision made – and I can safely say the right decision having just finished ATLAS.  Ben is an extremely talented, professional, and first class producer, composer and songwriter who goes above and beyond to ensure clients are happy with their creative work, and I can’t recommend him enough!  From day one his communication was second to none, he was always positive and genuinely enthused by my albums’ vision. Offering super feedback throughout, plus a great relaxed environment to record in!  Then there’s his abilities to bring the track to the sound you envisage in your mind to actual sound on disc! From ‘simple’ acoustic numbers – right through to full band orchestratio.   Ben can help you achieve your vision no matter go the complexities.  He will work tirelessly to achieve this.”
Joe Seager

“I was keen to find a versatile and flexible producer who could put the same effort in to my songs as I did to write them. I also wanted someone who could play a variety of instruments and someone with experience of playing music and understanding what I was after.  Being so demanding, some may say I was being unrealistic, until I found Ben!  Some tracks I had a preconceived idea of what I wanted, others I had no idea. Either way, Ben would quickly email me back a first draft and literally, every time the first draft came back…it was spot on!  Ben is a great guy who is not only happy to do the task that has been put in front of him, but he is a pleasure to work with and he is happy to pass on his knowledge, advice and opinions to help develop me as an artist. He made me feel like he had an emotional connection to my tracks, that we were working on the tracks as a team and like we wrote the songs together, in contrast to other producers in the past who treat you like another day in the office.”
George Simpson 

“I have worked with quite a few producers until now, and I honestly believe that Ben Haynes is one of the top producers in the industry right now. He successfully managed to get inside my head, in terms of the overall sound and arrangement, prior to start recordings and his turnaround time was unbelievably fast.”
Spyros Papadakis 

“By far the best recording experiences I have had were with Ben at Haynes Music Productions. At the beginning of each process, Ben took the time to understand my creative goals to ensure he took my songs in the direction I wanted. The musicianship in each of Ben’s arrangements took my acoustic tracks to the next level. As a producer, Ben’s honesty and professionalism got the best out of me.”
Jason Dunkley

“Ben isn’t just the guy that presses the record button and gives you the thumbs up to start singing, he takes the time to understand you as a songwriter and immerses himself within the production of each song, offering consistently excellent advice regarding structure, instrumentation, harmonies and more! Whenever I was unhappy about something, Ben’s patience never faltered and his dedication to the EP made the recording process an enjoyable and satisfying experience.  When you meet genuinely nice people, it makes doing the things you love even more pleasurable.”
Ben Haynes (A different one!)

“Ben is an exceptionally talented producer, able to take a very rough guide and turn it into an incredible arrangement. His musicality and ability to interpret people’s ideas are second to none. I would recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional, professional production. He’s a great multi-instrumentalist and his guitar and drum work in particular are excellent.”
Jamie Beau

“Ben completely exceeded my expectations when I went to him to get my debut single produced. Whatever skill level or stage you’re at with song writing, Ben will be able to help you create a well-rounded and polished record, coming up with inspired instrumental additions, bringing the track to life, and working WITH you every little step of the way – it’s so exciting to hear it develop. He’s a highly skilled and instinctive multi-instrumentalist who makes it all seem so easy, and a very friendly and communicative guy too, which just makes the whole process a breeze!”
Natalie Beniston

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