I’ve recently been creating a lot of my own music just for the sheer enjoyment of it and thought I’d share it with you here.


I release ambient drone EPs under the name Smoky. All the tracks were recorded simply with an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a Strymon Timeline and Strymon Big Sky. These EPs have proved pretty popular; one track, Penarth Pier, taking on a life of its own on Spotify with nearly 400,000 plays. I’m delighted with the EPs and there will be more coming your way soon!

Smoky – Night Music / Ambient Haze Volume 4 (EP)  Bandcamp  Spotify

Smoky – Night Music / Ambient Haze Volume 3 (EP)  Bandcamp  Spotify

Smoky – Night Music / Ambient Haze Volume 2 (EP)  Bandcamp  Spotify

Smoky – Night Music / Ambient Haze Volume 1 (EP)  Bandcamp  Spotify

Smoky – Gold (single)  Bandcamp  Spotify

Smoky – The Left Turn (single)  Bandcamp  Spotify


As above, but with vocals by Dan Hadfield.  All tracks, completely improvised.

Smoky & Coop – Ten Days Of Unusual Miracles (EP)   Bandcamp  Spotify


Another ambient release I put out recently was Late Store by The King of Indecision. This was largely created between 2007 and 2010 and I sat on it for years (hence the artist name!). It’s a more diverse than the Smoky EPs, and a mate of mine called it “the best bath music ever”.

The King of Indecision – Late Store (Album)  iTunes  Spotify


I played drums and sang backing vocals in an indie band called Pala between 1996 and 2001. Widely renowned as a great live band (and well known for our hard work ethic when it came to incessant gigging), we never seemed to quite cut it in the studio, but none-the-less, here is a compilation of some of our work.

Pala – The Best Of, 1996 to 2001 (Album)  Spotify


I don’t tell many people about this one!  When my wife and I found out in 2008 that she was pregnant, I challenged myself to write and record an LP all of my own by the time the baby arrived. In summer 2009 I released Up After Dark, a summery, blissful pop album that basically incorporates all my favourite influences – 60s pop, 70s disco, 80s pop, 90s indie, ambient and tropical. It has a very small but fervent fanbase! It’s worth noting that Prince played 27 instruments on his debut album, whereas I played 28. Which, of course, makes me better than Prince.

Mr Haynes – Up After Dark (Album)  iTunes  Spotify

Mr Haynes – Flanger (single)  Spotify

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