I try and keep everything as transparent as possible, so here’s what you need to know in plain English:


The songwriting credits remain completely with the artist.  I do not claim any songwriting credits unless we agree that I contribute to the songwriting process.

The copyright of the sound recording also remains with the artist.

I do not claim producer’s points unless you either (a) sell more than 5,000 units or (b) sign to a label.  Then I ask for three producer’s points, which is standard practice.

I charge a set fee for production with no hidden extras.

If you need to know anything else then ask away…


The copyright to the composition belongs to me.

I licence the music to you for the intended use a period of two years.

The licence will be non-exclusive unless otherwise stated.

If you need to know anything else then ask away…


Please note everything all rates for everything I supply is calculated on an hourly basis and payment is made on a time basis (NOT on a results basis, although I’m sure you’ll always be 100% happy with the results!)

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