Joe Seager – Atlas

08 July 20178:08amNo Comments

This week sees the launch of Joe Seager’s new album, Atlas. An immensely colourful album blending aspects of John Martyn, early Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, Simon and Garfunkel and John Mayer, this was a great album to work on. Joe has a small studio set up in his home, so for most of the tracks he […]

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Recording at Abbey Road

05 July 20178:01pmNo Comments

Last week, I travelled down to London for a recording and mixing session at the most famous recording studio in the world, Abbey Road. The session was for an artist called Maizurah, who wrote the lyrics about the current political situation in Qatar, where she currently lives. The writing process for this song was immensely […]

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Making UK Country with Kezia Gill

06 April 20172:14pmNo Comments

The brand new album by UK Country artist Kezia Gill is now available, and it’s unbelievable good. Seriously, I defy you to find a bad song on it! I’ve worked as a producer with Kezia on a number of projects, but this was the first time she wanted to do an album entirely within the […]

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The Charity Single That Doesn’t Sound Like One

30 March 20171:22pmNo Comments

I was recently approached to write, produce and record a single by Taylor Ten, with the proceeds going to Hayley’s Cancer Fight. Taylor Ten’s mother, Hayley, has breast cancer, and Taylor came up with the idea of doing a song to raise money for her life-saving treatment in Germany, which costs thousands of pounds on […]

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A Small Selection of Recent Composition Work

24 February 20179:25amNo Comments

As I’ve been getting busier, I’ve been blogging less due to time, and it occurred to me that I’ve not really promoted any of my recent composition work to anyone that’s interested, so here are four of my recent favourites… Doing the 70s detective style music and sound effects for this video for the Littergram app […]

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