Library/Production Music

I am always writing new music for a handful of exclusive library publishers, from larger libraries such as BMG, Warner Chappell and Upright Music to smaller boutique labels such as Crossbreed, Bibliotheque and Minim.  As of 2023, I have over 400 library tracks available, with 100 more in the pipeline.

The music I write works to my strengths, so it tends to be in the realms of indie, rock and ambient.

Library tracks of mine have been placed on programmes all over the world, including UK terrestrial channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4).

It’s worth noting that although I am known as Ben, my first name is actually David so I can be found under either Ben Haynes, David Haynes or David Benjamin Haynes, according to the library.

Here are links to some of my tracks: