What strange times these are. I just wanted to assure anyone that I work with that I’m still in the studio daily, and will notify if anything changes.

This is where I’m at:

Sessions in the Studio
Update: I’ve obviously had to cancel/postpone all studio sessions here for now.

Remote Sessions
From my point of view, these can continue as normal, so I’m happy to work on/mix your tracks, as long as you can record your vocals at home.

Media Composition, SFX and Voiceovers
This is also going ahead as normal. A good portion of my voiceover artists have emailed to say that they’re available, so all fine here.

Having said this, a lot of musicians that I know rely on live gigs to earn their income, and it looks like most gigs will be cancelled for the foreseeable future. The only thing I can recommend is to buy music from your local artists, buy merchandise and support them in any way you can. It would be a poorer world without them.

Surely all this staying at home will be a great time for creativity.  With people potentially stuck in their homes, surely there’s only so much Netflix they can watch, only so much tidying they can do, only so much sex they can have.  

What a great time to write brilliant music and be creative!

For my part, I will be making a lot of library music (something I’ve been doing a lot of these days and will blog about soon) and also recording a few bits and bobs of my own. Watch this space!