I keep promising to have a week off but it’s kind of hard when (a) I’m a workaholic and (b) the only hobby I have is music production and…oh…it’s what I do for a living.  Still, not a bad job to have.

I have tons of production jobs coming up:

Work continues on upcoming album by American artist Allison Gray.  I’ve been constantly amazed by the quality of her songwriting and delighted with the way the tracks are going.  Watch this space.

I’m working with Liverpool artist Karl Lund on some tracks and this rough draft of his song Lionheart (The Chariot) demonstrates that he has a knack for coming up with incredibly catchy songs.  My four-year-old daughter loves this one.

Other artists I’m working with include Claire-Emma Beattie, Spyros Papadakis, Tali Dennerstein, Wayne Natzel, Matt Atkinson and Michael Woulfe, and I’ve also signed up for new albums by George Simpson and Kezia Gill.


So it’s looking like I’m not getting that week off any time soon!

By Ben Haynes