I’d put aside January to tie a few loose ends in the studio and do a bit of promotion, but it’s suddenly and unexpectedly become a much busier month than I had anticipated.

Composition-wise, I have a few projects on.

The FD2D network have recorded a telephone interview with none other than Bill Bailey.  They are in the process of animating it and asked me to provide music and sound effects.  It should be online on 20th January.

Superb local film company Light Films have asked me to provide a small library of custom music they can use with their corporate videos.

There will soon be some collaboration with a fantastic animated video production company called Mair Perkins Ltd.  We’ll be working together to provide idents and moving logos. Exciting stuff.

I may also be providing a series of new idents for a rebrand of a local radio station.

Production-wise, I recently recorded the wonderful Tall Trees, a cello and acoustic guitar duo with some stunning songs.

I am also recording an EP for Chris Egan, a excellent local songwriter with an Michael Stipe-esq voice.

And I’m mixing some live tracks for local covers band The 1970somethings.

As well as all this, I’m getting a new branding from Black Apricot any minute now.

And I’m going to be doing the first round of real promotion for Haynes Music Productions, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around.

If I’m not lying in my bed with cuckoos spinning round my head, that is.

By Ben Haynes