2018 has been a busy, busy year.  I’ve worked with some great artists but not done as many blogs as usual so I thought I’d mention them all here…

Firstly, congratulations to Kezia Gill who recently won at the British Country Music Awards.  Her album is a masterpiece and we’ve just finished working on her next EP which will be released in the new year.  Watch this space…

Speaking of country pop, Billy Reynolds is an artist from Nottingham who came out with a very radio friendly track called Heartbeat.  Great songwriting from him, and he has plenty more up his sleeve!

I absolutely love the song Colours of my Life by Italian singer/songwriter Irene Conti.  I was nearly brought to tears when I heard this song as it has a beautiful chorus and lyrics that reflect what I (and hopefully lots of other people) think.

I worked with Nadia Rae on the title track of her EP Yolo during her brief time in the Midlands.  Nadia is a fiercely talented songwriter, a great singer, and Yolo is one of the most poppy things I’ve done.

It occurred to me recently that I hadn’t mentioned the work I did with David Lacey on three tracks for his album.  The three songs I worked on, Treading Water, Jrunk (real title) and Retro are expertly written and David’s voice was an absolute joy to record.  

Georgie Hanson is a new artist who quietly put out an acoustic pop EP called Roads and Paths this year. There’s more to come from her, and impending motherhood will give her plenty extra to write about!

And I’ve been working with my namesake Ben Haynes on tracks for his upcoming album/EP (he’s not sure which yet), the first fruits of which is a Paul Simon-ish song called Only You Make This World Right. We had a bit of fun putting that one together!

I’m still really flattered that people choose to work with me, and I never get bored to hearing new songs and working out the best ways of getting the artist to sound their best.  As long as I can carry on doing this, I’ll be a happy chap!