For the past few years, I’ve been producing solo artists at a flat rate per song; that has included as much time as the artist has needed, as many amends and whatever it took to get the job done.

It’s generally worked pretty well but I’ve decided to change things around a bit and create a three-tiered pricing structure using different packages (uh, I sound like a broadband company).

Note that these are just guides:

Speedy Tier (£200 per song)

For artists on a tight budget that still want a quality production.  You get a day (six hours) with me to use however you like.  So you could ask me to work on an arrangement for six hours; or use three hours for the arrangement and three hours recording vocals here.  Includes an arrangement with real instruments and a clean mix.

Release Tier (£400 per song)

Here, you get a song ready for release, ready to play on radio etc.  I will spend two days on your song, including guidance on vocals and structure, a superb arrangement with as many instruments as necessary, two rounds of amendments, vocal recording here if needed, professional mix and mastering. Most of the tracks done on my showreel were done on this package.

Professional Tier (£700+ per song)

This is for you artists and labels who want to spend time creating an absolute masterpiece. Whatever you say goes – you can have as many arrangements, instruments, session musicians, amendments, vocal takes etc as you like; I’ll even travel to you (within the UK).  You’ll have the tracks mixed by a name mixing engineer and mastered at Abbey Road.

These changes will be taking effect in the new year, and hopefully, there’s now something for everyone.  Onwards and upwards!

I also have a few other bits of news coming soon…

By Ben Haynes