2016-06-29 13.37.12-1

I write this from my bed as I have a dose of the flu – sweats, aches, temperature and some weird, repetitive dreams.

Although any kind of illness is obviously a pain and puts my carefully planned workload back, I actually find it quite productive in some curious ways.  On an ordinary day, I am full-on either in the studio or being a parent, and as such I don’t get much time to do anything else.

For example, today I’ve been listening to a lot of music, which is something I actually don’t get to do much, day to day, as I’m usually either producing or creating it!

I’ve also been watching some interviews on Youtube and reading articles online about successful songwriters and producers, which has given me an unexpected dose of inspiration.

For example, I’ve always been quite intrigued about Coldplay’s songwriting processes; say what you like about them but you can’t deny they get the job done.  This interview with Howard Stern is a remarkable and witty insight into Chris Martin’s songwriting methods.

Aside from that, it’s basically been Lucozade, digestive biscuits and rest, which is kind of inspiring in itself.

Oh and I also found time to do a Myers Briggs test and found out that I am INFP.  If you’ve never met me, this is basically me in a nutshell.  Happily, the qualities of an INFP – creative, dreamer, always looking for the good in people – is perfect for the job I do.