I recently worked on music for an animation for Charity Bank, a bank that ploughs money into community projects, charities and education.

The animation itself, done solely by UK Animator Mair Perkins, was quirky, colourful and inspirational. Given the flying pigs theme, I wanted to create something that sounded graceful and majestic.

I started with an electric piano motif and built the track up from an ambient beginning to an almost stadium rock finale, all the while ensuring that what I was doing fitted the animation and didn’t distract from the message.

What I like about the piece is that there is pretty much no melody. The only hook is that electric piano line and the rest of the instruments just create atmosphere. Even the electric guitar just noodles around on an ebow with lots of reverb. But it all combines to create something quite special.

Here’s the video.

And for the music geeks, here’s a screen grab from my Logic project.  You’ll notice that I try to stay away from loops or quantising, for a more live feel.

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By Ben Haynes