I’m writing this blog in a beautifully chilled studio room, whilst it’s 29 degrees outside.  Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t even have attempted to go into the studio on a hot afternoon.  Now, it’s my favourite place to be.

Air conditioning was installed two weeks ago, and it’s a game-changer.

Anyone that’s recorded here knows that it often got a little too hot for comfort in here.  It is, after all, a soundproofed and pretty much air-tight room.  Heat came in, and couldn’t escape.  Between the months of June and August, most sessions had to end at 2pm as the sun come round to the front of the studio and beat through the glass doors, making everything unbearable.

I thought about getting air-conditioning for years but was worried about three things:

  • That the whole in the wall that it needs for ventilation would allow sound to come in, and escape.
  • That it would be too loud.
  • That it wouldn’t actually cool the room down but act like a fan, just blowing the hot air about.

Thankfully, none of the worried have come to pass.  It’s very low noise (and I can turn it off if I wanted to record something ultra-quiet), it doesn’t leak sound, and it refrigerates the room brilliantly.

The money that I spent getting it installed can be made back by the fact I can now work on hot afternoons and evenings. 

Come and join me!