I won’t lie to you.  My whole reason for writing this very short blog post is because I promised myself that I’d do at least one blog a month and…well…January’s nearly over and I’ve posted nothing (well, until this pointless little entry).

The reason is that January’s been my busiest month so far.  Which is weird, because I had actually put it aside to do some promotion, sort some equipment, learn a few new tricks, have some meetings.

But no, people thought it’d be good to send me work to do, and I can never resist getting my teeth stuck into anything musical (which is why my dentist often finds traces of Mozart in my molars).

It’s mainly production stuff; I’ve been working with artists from Versailles, Los Angeles, Cardiff, Manchester and Greece; all from my humble recording studio in Derby – God bless Skype.

Tomorrow sees the deadline of the Food Dudes project I’ve been working on for a few months.  This includes making all the sound effects.  This includes the sound effect of a man strapped to s chair with an apple in his mouth.  This involves sitting on a squeaky chair with an apple in my mouth.  So here’s a photo of it.

Photo on 23-01-2013 at 14.53 #2

The apple was a russet and was delicious, thanks.

By Ben Haynes