Part 1: Line 6 Echo Park Delay pedal

You can hear this on pretty much everything I do. It’s magical.

I went into my local music shop in 2005 with the intention of buying a Boss DD3 delay (the standard for most guitar players), but this caught my eye and after two minutes I was proposing marriage to it.

In short, it creates the warmest, creamiest, most natural sounding echoes imaginable. Many is the time I’ve sat there late into the night, just playing single notes and letting them ring into eternity. I even let one note ring through a whole piece of music I was playing.

To me, echo is what gives music its atmosphere. It’s like artists who have a favourite colour or chefs who have a favourite herb. If I didn’t have this pedal, my work would sound a lot more sorry for itself.

You can hear it in action in the intro of this song by George Simpson.


By Ben Haynes