Although my last few blogs have been about production work (and scary dreams), the composition side of things has still been very busy so I thought I’d do a quick update with some recent work.

I worked with regular client RJDM on a classic style TV advert tune for I’m Sure, a domestic appliance insurance company.

Nottingham Design Agency Serosensa hired me for the first time and I created a rather epic soundtrack for a showreel about Epperstone Manor.

I have, of course, been working with the Mair Perkins, the best animator in Derbyshire.  Here, I did some light reggae-jazz sunshine for this animation for Litter Locker.  I did the sound effects for this too, which included using recordings of my own son for the crying baby and pressing a cuddly toy into a bag of gravel to replicate a cat pooing.  (I tried, but failed, to persuade my cat to poo on demand.)

And a quiet acoustic number leading into a suitably Snow Patrol finale for this animation about Choice Support.

I worked with the superb Kezia Gill to create the soundtrack to this video promoting London.

Stoke film-makers Reels In Motion hired me to create the kazoo-driven melodies of this promo for Travel Smart.  Although my favourite bit is the short foray into grinding 70s wah wah two minutes in.

But, probably my favourite project I’ve been working on, again with Mair Perkins, is an animated song to promote the Peak District, a place that’s very special to me.  It’s been commissioned by the Peak District National Park and will be available to watch very soon.  Watch this space…

Peak District Logo