On the surface of things, it’s probably looks like it’s been a quiet year for me. I’ve done only one blog post (two if you include this!) and haven’t really done much in the way of social media.

In truth, this year has been busier than ever, and honestly I find it genuinely hard to find time to write and post things.

Also… I’ve kind of run out of things to write about.

Going back over the past few years, my blog contains loads of my thoughts about music production and composition – take a look! I feel I’ve covered most things and don’t feel the urge to add anything.

I used to post about projects I’d been working on but it felt like blowing my own trumpet, which I’m a bit reluctant to do. I also had an idea to do an audio podcast, but didn’t get started

For me, part of the problem is that I feel a bit exhausted my social media. It feels like everyone is shouting for attention or trying to sell something and it’s getting louder and louder. I don’t really want to be part of that. I’d rather go for quality over quantity now.

But please know that I’m still here, I’m always available, and if I think of anything exciting to write about that I feel people need to know about, believe me, I will!

I hope 2022 was great for you, and let’s make 2023 even better!