This is a page containing links to all my library music tracks.

All tracks written by me, under the aliases David Benjamin Haynes, David Haynes and Ben Haynes.

Track title, followed by linked album title, followed by Library name.

2am – Alone (Sonoton)

3am Thoughts – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

A Blue World, A Green Planet – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

A Cosy Evening – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

A Mother’s Love – Tearful Piano (Minim)

A New Love – Dating TV Show Underscores (Minim)

A Perfect Night’s Dream – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

A Perfect Night’s Dream – Instrumental Textures: Inspiration (Bibliotheque)

A Pleasant Reverie – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

A Time to Win – Cinematic Indie (Crossbreed)

Abandoned Streets – Alone (Sonoton)

Absinthe Please Abstract Works Classic (Funky Junkies)

Accelerate – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Aching Sadness – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Acoustic Mods – Mod Revival (Motus)

Actually I Think Everything Is Going To be Okay – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Adrenaline – Badass Alt Rock Volume 1 (Epitome Music)

Adrenaline Joy – Cinematic Indie (Crossbreed)

Agate – Healing Drones (Funky Junkies)

Alive Event – Feel Good Lifters (Crossbreed)

All Fired Up – Rock Monster (Poke Music)

All the Fun Stuff – Cheerful and Bouncy Piano (Crossbreed)

All the Funk – Breakbeat (Gargantuan Music)

All the Time – 90s Grunge and Indie (Superstore)

Alone – Alone (Sonoton)

Ambient Shades – Detailed Documentary (Crossbreed)

Analogue Nights – Mechatronik (Noise Biscuits)

And Breathe – Tension Pulse 2 (Lift Music Factual)

Anthem – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Apricot Trees In Blossom – Abstract Works – Thematic (Funky Junkies)

Aqua Drone – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Aquatic Slow-Mo – Underwater Underscore, Vol 1 (Epitome)

Atmospheric Rock – Epic Inspiration (Crossbreed)

Atmospheric Water – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Back in the Pubs! – Back in Business (Lovely Music)

Back on the Streets – Classic Rock, Vol 2 (Wrong Planet)

Bad Boy – Dating TV Show Underscores (Minim)

Bad Violin Scales – Awful Musicians! (Lovely Music)

Banger – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Beautiful Ambient Piano – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Beautiful Memories – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Best Times – Upwards Indie (Crossbreed)

Beyond the Sun – Atmospheric Beats 3 (Lift)

Bittersweet Magic – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Black and White – Take Me to the Noughties (Poke)

Bleep and Dash – The Fun Factor (Poke)

Bliss – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Blissed Out Joy – Pacific Indie (Crossbreed)

Blue Hearts – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Blue Skies – Feel Good Folk (Brilliant)

Blue Sky Drive – Happy Indie Hooks (Crossbreed)

Breezy Bright Days – Sunny Indie Lifters (Crossbreed)

Bright Improvements – Craft and Makeover (Crossbreed)

Bright Weekend Away – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

Bring the Beauty – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Broken Heart – Dating TV Show Underscores (Minim)

Brown Haired Indie Rock – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Browsing – Buying and Selling TV Underscores (Minim)

Building to Triumph – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Caught by the Fuzz – Mod Revival (Motus)

Calm Reverie Piano – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Calmness – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Carnaby Love Song – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Castle Fortress – By Jingo (Noise Biscuits)

Cheekbones – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Childlike Wonder – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Children Playing in the Water – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Chill Breaks – Breakbeat (Gargantuan Music)

Choose Your Weapon – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Christmas Carnage – Christmas Corkers (Crossbreed)

Claustrophobia – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Clusters – Hellfire (Evolution)

Coastal Cruising – Sunshine Smiles (Crossbreed Music)

Collecting Information – Investigate Vol 3 (Epitome)

Come and Play – Cheerful and Bouncy Piano (Crossbreed)

Come Back Stronger – 90s Grunge and Indie (Superstore)

Comfort – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Coming Home – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Cool Driver – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Country Walks – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Creeping Up – Animal Antics (Noise Biscuits)

Danger Rock – Metal Rock (Lightsong)

Dark Angel – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Dark Clouds – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Dark Country – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Dark Grit – Beds: Industrial (Bibliotheque)

Dark Hearts – Tension Pulse 2 (Lift Music Factual)

Dark Siren – Hellfire (Evolution)

Dark Solitude – Alone (Sonoton)

Dark Night, Dark Glasses – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Day Drinking – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Day in the Country – Feel Good Folk (Brilliant)

Deep Pool – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Deranged Tube Train – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Destination Anywhere – Acoustic Uplift (Motus)

Digital Dust – Dream Machine (Lift)

Dirty Fast Punk – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Distance – Alone (Sonoton)

Dive Bomber – Trailerized Rock And Rocktronica (Gargantuan)

Documentary Vibe – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Down the Disco – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Dramatic Drift – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

Dream Through – Indie Guitar Scapes (Lift)

Dreamer – Gently Epic 3 (Bibliotheque)

Dreamer – Instrumental Textures: Inspiration (Bibliotheque)

Drive – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Driving by the Sea – Acoustic Uplift (Motus)

Drugged – Real Crimes; Missing Persons (Funky Junkies)

Earth’s Lullaby – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

Emotional Highlights – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Emotional Reunion – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

End of Life – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Energiser – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Ethereal Disturbance – Alone (Sonoton)

Evening Sky – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Everything I Waited For – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Everything Is Getting Better – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Eyeliner and Fuzz – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Falling For U – The Summer Collection 4 (Poke)

Falling In Love – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Fart Beats – Sound Effects Percussion (Minim)

Faster and Faster – It’s Going Great! – Positive Advertising (Lovely Music)

Fat and Funky – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Feel Good Vacation – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

Feelgood Smooth – Heartfelt Beats (Motus)

Feeling Good – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Feeling Special – Feel Good Lifters (Crossbreed)

Feels Like Home – Acoustic Uplift (Motus)

Festive Throwback – Christmas Corkers (Crossbreed)

Filthy Disgusting Bass – All the Rage (Evolution)

Filthy Riffs – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Final Build – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Find Your Own Cloud – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Firing on All Cylinders – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

First Look – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Fixing Up – Busy People Doing Things (Minim)

Floating Onwards – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Flowers in Her Hair – Retro Psychedelic Rock ( Gargantuan)

Fluid Networks – Detailed Documentary (Crossbreed)

Freakbeat – Retro Psychedelic Rock ( Gargantuan)

Free To Fly – Indie Guitar Scapes (Lift)

Friends Forever – Childsplay 4 (Poke)

From Nothing to Everything – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

From Quiet to Loud – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

From the Horizon – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Full Pelt Gallop – Metal Rock (Lightsong)

Funky Slinky Scary – Retro Psychedelic Rock ( Gargantuan)

Funky Sparse Beats – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Fury – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Gentle Drops – Heartfelt Beats (Motus)

Getting Better – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Goal of the Season – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Happy Ambient Christmas (Minim)

Godly – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Going Up – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Golden Day – Ambient Cinematic Guitar (Wrong Planet)

Good Vibes and Tan Lines – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Growing Happiness – Sunny Indie Lifters (Crossbreed)

Guided Missile – Rock Monster (Poke Music)

Halcyon – Atmospheric Beats 4 (Lift)

Happy at Home – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

Happy Ending – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Happy Go Lucky – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Happy Sunshine – Happy Indie Hooks (Crossbreed)

Happy Times – Cheerful Waltzes (Minim)

Heartache – Dreamy Heartfelt Guitar (Epitome)

Heaven is Here – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Heavenly Drone – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Here Comes The Bride (Ambient Guitar) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Ambient Piano) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Christmas/Winter) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Church/Cathedral Organ) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Punk) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Ukulele Orchestra) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Here Comes The Bride (Zombie) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

High Achiever – Upwards Indie (Crossbreed)

Highland Dream – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Hills and Streams – Sweeping Beauty (Noise Biscuits)

Holding On – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Home Made Fun – Feel Good Folk (Brilliant)

Homeopathy – Healing Drones (Funky Junkies)

Hope Street – Ambient Cinematic Guitar (Wrong Planet)

Hyperdrive – Indie Guitar Scapes (Lift)

Hypnotherapy – Healing Drones (Funky Junkies)

I Can’t Wait To Start – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

I Had a Dream – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

I Just Wanna Hit It – Rock Radio (Poke Music)

I Still Remember You – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

I Wanna Give You The World – Rock Radio (Poke Music)

I’m Coming Home – Dreamy Pop (Evolution)

I’m the Winner, Baby – Rock Radio (Poke Music)

Indie Chops – Indie Momentum (Evolution)

Indie Gold – Feel Good Lifters (Crossbreed)

Industrial Beats – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

It Was Never meant To Be – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

It’s Christmas – Christmas Goes Pop! (Poke Music)

It’s Peaceful Here – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Jangle Guitar – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Joe Bloggs – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Jump To Me – Rock Radio (Poke Music)

Just the Facts – Heartfelt Beats (Motus)

Keep Going – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Late Night Atmosphere – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Lazy Days By The Sea – Back in Business (Lovely Music)

Leave Your Light On – Indie Pop Rock Songs (Songcraft)

Life Is Here – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Light Ethereal Wash – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Light in the Dark – Alone (Sonoton)

Light Me Up – Breakbeat (Gargantuan Music)

Live Fast – Skyward Motivation (Crossbreed Music)

Living It Up – Classic Rock, Vol 2 (Wrong Planet)

Lofi Fun Indie Punk – Comedy 101 (Gothic Hybrid)

Lofi Pop – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

London Town – Mod Revival (Motus)

Lonely Child – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Lonely Night – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Long, Long Time Ago – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Longing – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Looking Good! – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Lost in a Dream – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Lost Love – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Love for Life – Motown Indie (Wrong Planet)

Love is Gone – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Love Scene – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Magnificent – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Magnifying Glass – Investigations (Evolution Music)

Majestic Drone – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Majesty – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Makeover Challenge – Craft and Makeover (Crossbreed)

Making Peace – Introspective 1 (Poke)

Manchester Acoustic – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Manifesting Meditation – Healing Drones (Funky Junkies)

Marimba Pulse – Mild Tension (Noise Biscuits)

Marine Life – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

May Love Be Yours – Take Me to the Noughties (Poke)

Meander in the Countryside – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Mellow Looped Guitar – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Melting Ice – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

Mermaids – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Messy Hair – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Metamorphosis of Narcissus – Abstract Works – Thematic (Funky Junkies)

Military Typing – Sound Effects Percussion (Minim)

Missing – Man’s Best Friend (Poke)

Mod Haircut – Mod Revival (Motus)

Moped Rock – Mod Revival (Motus)

Morning Sun – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Motor Car – Mechatronik (Noise Biscuits)

Motor Town Soul – Classic Soul Pop (Lovely Music)

Motorcycle Rock – Classic Rock, Vol 1 (Epitome)

Mountain Trails – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

My Faithful Friend – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Mysterious Thoughts – Alone (Sonoton)

Nature’s Wonder – Man’s Best Friend (Poke)

Negotiations – Buying and Selling TV Underscores (Minim)

Neon City – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Neon Rush – Indie Pop Rocks (Lightsong)

News Just In! – Breaking News Vol 1 (Epitome)

Nifty Little Mover – Animal Antics (Noise Biscuits)

Night in the City – Acoustic Uplift (Motus)

Night Light – Lofi Lullabies (Epitome)

Night Memories – Alone (Sonoton)

Night Riding – Indie Pop Rocks (Lightsong)

Night Walking – Chill Hop, Vol 1 (Epitome)

Nightlife Demon – Breakbeat (Gargantuan Music)

Nightswimming – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Nobody There – Alone (Sonoton)

Not So Far Away – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

Nursery Anthem – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

O Come O Come Emmanuel – Happy Ambient Christmas (Minim)

Objective Journalism – Detailed Documentary (Crossbreed)

Old Friends – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Olde English Night In – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Olympic – TV Themes, Vol 1 (Lovely Music)

Ominous Times – By Jingo (Noise Biscuits)

Once In Royal David’s City – Happy Ambient Christmas (Minim)

Only the Good Things – Ambient Cinematic Guitar (Wrong Planet)

Opened My Eyes – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Our Generation – Classic Rock, Vol 2 (Wrong Planet)

Our Heaven – Dreamy Pop (Evolution)

Outsider – Take Me Back To The 90s (Poke)

Past Midnight – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Peace and Love – Retro Psychedelic Rock ( Gargantuan)

Peaking – Gently Epic 2 (Bibliotheque)

People Are Talking – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Pirate Jig – Celtic Punk (Evolution Media Music)

Plunge – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Primeval – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Pure Aggression – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Pure Filth – Rock Monster (Poke Music)

Purple Burlesque – Trailerized Rock And Rocktronica (Gargantuan)

Quandary – Guitar and Chill (Epitome)

Racing Upwards – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

Rampage – All the Rage (Evolution)

Rebel Royalty – Garage Rock (Lightsong)

Relaxing Sun – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Remembering a Better Time – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Reverie – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Rise – Indie Pop Rock Songs (Songcraft)

Rise and Fall – Sexy Smoochy Pop (Lovely Music)

Rise Up – Epic Inspiration (Crossbreed)

Rising Motivation – Upwards Indie (Crossbreed)

Rising to Heaven – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Robots and Humans – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Rock and Roll Stomp – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Rock Factory – Classic Rock, Vol 2 (Wrong Planet)

Rock Monster – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Rock Star – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Rocketship – Classic Rock, Vol 2 (Wrong Planet)

Romantic Percolator – Beautiful Builds (Muchas Music)

Running Riot – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Sad News – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Sail Away to the Shadows – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Sailing Closer to Home – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Satellite of Reverb – Indie Guitar Scapes (Lift)

School Band’s First Rehearsal – Awful Musicians! (Lovely Music)

Scorch Mark – Breakbeat (Gargantuan Music)

Scratchy Guitar Riffage – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Secret Swim – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Set the Trap – Tension Pulse 2 (Lift Music Factual)

Seventeen Again – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Seventies Rock Groove – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Seventies Stadium Mod – Mod Revival (Motus)

Shady Dealings – Alone (Sonoton)

Shimmering Beauty – Alone (Sonoton)

Shine On – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Ships – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Showing Off – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Sideburns – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Signs From Everywhere – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Silent Smile – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Sitars and Guitars – Hello India (Poke)

Sixties Groove – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Slacker Rock – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

Slalom – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

Slow-mo Finale – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Small Hours – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Smog – Swag Rock, Vol 2 (Epitome)

Smoke Alert – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Smoke on the Horizon – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

Smooch at the Disco – Sexy Smoochy Pop (Lovely Music)

Sneaky Sneaky – Animal Antics (Noise Biscuits)

Soaring – Take Me to the Noughties (Poke)

Soft and Frozen – Sadness and Loss (Noise Biscuits)

Solid Power – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Something About You – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Something’s Not Right – Crimewave (Noise Biscuits)

Spice – Murderer in the Making (Bibliotheque)

Spider Webb – Garage Punk (Epitome)

Spiral – Tearful Piano (Minim)

Sports Carnival – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Stadium Anthem – Crowd Anthems (Epitome)

Star Quality – Bass and Drums Underscores (Minim)

Step by Step – Busy People Doing Things (Minim)

Stomp Clap Chug – Big Beats, Stomps and Claps (Motus)

Strange Times – Animal Antics (Noise Biscuits)

Stranger in the Night – Cool Guitar Intros (Gothic Hybrid)

Street Beatz – One Minute Wonders 3 (Lift Music)

Sublime Build – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Sublime Speed – Indie Pop Rocks (Lightsong)

Submergence – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Success! – Buying and Selling TV Underscores (Minim)

Success Story – Success Stories (Poke Music)

Summer Nights – It’s Going Great! – Positive Advertising (Lovely Music)

Summer of ’95 – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Summer Vlog – Sunshine Smiles (Crossbreed)

Sun Coming Up in Ibiza – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

Sun, Sea and Surfing’ – Big Surf (Lightsong)

Sunrise Surf – West Coast Vibes (Crossbreed)

Sunset Fading Drone – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Sunshine Edition – Sunshine Smiles (Crossbreed)

Sunshine Funshine – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

Sunshine Funtime – Feel Good Folk (Brilliant)

Supernova Finale Drone – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Superstar – 90s Grunge and Indie (Superstore)

Sweet Nothings – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

Swing and Bang – Retro Psychedelic Rock ( Gargantuan)

Swinging London – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Take Me to the Party – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

Taking Flight – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

Thanks For taking Everything – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

The Best Day of My Life – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

The Blue Guitar – Dreamy Ambient Guitar (Minim)

The Burns – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

The Cosmos – Epic Stargazing Indie (Gargantuan)

The Country Life – Acoustic Uplift (Motus)

The Deep Blue – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

The Drummer Men – Offbeat Percussion (Evolution)

The End of a Great Life – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

The End of an Era – Dating TV Show Underscores (Minim)

The Enemy Approaches – By Jingo (Noise Biscuits)

The First Time – Indie Pop Beds, Vol 1 (Wrong Planet)

The Glow of Success – Dreams Become Reality (Poke)

The Glow of Success (Christmas Mix) – Merry Twist-Mas 2 (Poke)

The Golden Hour – Feel Good Moods (Minim)

The Good Days – Sunkissed Indie (Crossbreed)

The Good Times – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

The Green Guitar – Ambient Electric Guitar (Muchas)

The Grind Blues – Trailerized Rock And Rocktronica (Gargantuan)

The London Hop – 90s British Indie (Absolute)

The Lounge – Sad Soft Piano (Noise Biscuits)

The Moon Revealed – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

The Night Time Is Coming – Dreamy Pop (Evolution)

The Only Sweetness There Is – Festive Atmospheres (Evolution)

The Outlaw – Garage Rock (Lightsong)

The Riffmonger – Badass Alt Rock Volume 2 (Epitome Music)

The Sea Calls – Beds: Soft Atmos (Bibliotheque)

The Secret of Success – Success Stories (Poke Music)

The Slow Motion Bride – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

The Time is Now – Sweeping Beauty (Noise Biscuits)

The Vast Ocean – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

The Way It Goes – Ambient Cinematic Guitar (Wrong Planet)

There’s a Problem – Buying and Selling TV Underscores (Minim)

This Could Be My Last Goodbye – Indie Pop Rock Songs (Songcraft)

This Love is Ethereal – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Tightly Wound – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Tiny Stream – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Trailhead – Colourful Journeys Vol 2 (Epitome)

Transition – Beds: Positive (Bibliotheque)

Trickling Water – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Triumphant Celt – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Try – 90s Grunge and Indie (Superstore)

Two Tribes – Fierce Distortion (Sonoton)

Underneath the Surface – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Very Deep Down – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Waiting – Dating TV Show Underscores (Minim)

Warm Beats – Heartfelt Beats (Motus)

We Got There – Inspirational Soaring Indie (Lovely Music)

Wedding March (Ambient Guitar) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Ambient Piano) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Christmas/Winter) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Church Organ) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Metal) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Punk) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

Wedding March (Zombie) – Way Out Weddings (Lovely)

West Coast Cool – Pacific Indie (Crossbreed)

Wet Streets at Night – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

When Did It get So Good? – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

When We Were Young – link to come (Noise Biscuits)

Whisky Bottle Rhythms – Sound Effects Percussion (Minim)

Wild Swimming – Underwater Underscores (Minim)

Wildcard – Cool Guitar Intros (Gothic Hybrid)

Winter Cove – Abstract Works – Thematic (Funky Junkies)

Within Reach – Gently Epic 3 (Bibliotheque)

Wonderland Waltz – Feel Good Folk (Brilliant)

Working with Nature – Busy People Doing Things (Minim)

You Are Last On My List – Hellfire (Evolution)

You’re Perfect – Country Love Songs (Songcraft)

Youthful Indie Energy – Skyward Motivation (Crossbreed)

All tracks written by me, under the aliases David Benjamin Haynes, David Haynes and Ben Haynes.